Michael's Pictures: Canada. Montreal - 04/2018

2018-04-10 Blvd. Rene-Levesque, Rue Peel

Mary Queen of the World Cathedral
Sun Life Building
Wilfrid Laurier Memorial
Canadian Olympic House in Montreal gets permanent rings
St.Patrick's Basilica, Montreal
Blvd. Rene-Levesque, Rue Mackay Rue Peel, Blvd. Rene-Levesque. Cathedral Marie-Reine-du-Monde
Sun Life Peel / Rene-Levesque Dorchester Square. Wilfrid Laurier statue
Blvd. Rene-Levesque. Canada Olympic House Saint Patrick's Basilica

2018-04-10 Phillips Square

Phillips Square
Edward VII Monument
Edward VII
Phillips Square. Edward VII Monument (1914)

2018-04-10 Rue Crescent, Rue Sherbrooke W

Crescent Street
Crescent Street icon Sir Winston Churchill Pub
Rue Crescent closer to Blvd. Rene-Levesque Rue St.Catherine from Rue Crescent Rue Crescent, Rue St Catherine Sir Winston Churchill pub
Rue Crescent closer to Rue Sherbrooke Rue Sherbrooke. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Bourgie Hall David Altmeid. The Eye (2010-11)

2018-04-09 Montreal Misc.

Underground City
St Jax Montreal
Christ Church Cathedral
Chateau Dufresne
Olympic Park
Saint Joseph's Oratory
Views from Underground City Rue Sainte-Catherine / Rue Mackay. St.Jax Montreal
Rue Saint-Catherine / Union Ave. Christ Church Cathedral
Rue Sherbrooke. Chateu Dufresne
Rue Sherbrooke. Parc Olympique Saint Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal Views from Mount Royal

2018-04-09 R. Mason. The Illuminated Crowd (1986)

Raymond Mason
McGill College Ave. Raymond Mason. The Illuminated Crowd (1986)

2018-04-06 Place d'Armes area, Old Montreal

Place d'Armes
Palais des congres de Montreal
Notre Dame Basilica
Maisonneuve Monument
English Pug and the French Poodle
Centaur Theatre
Place Jacques-Cartier
Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel
Montreal City Hall
Jean Drapeau
Palais Congres de Montreal Rue Saint-Jaques. Hotel Place D'Armes Rue Saint-Antoine. Hotel Intercontinental Rue Saint-Antoine. Elisabeth BUFFOLI. Les Touristes (1989, est. 2017)
From Presse Cafe to Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal
Place d'Armes. Maisonneuve Monument MM. Lambert Closse
MM. Charles Le Moyne MM. Iroquoise MM. Joanne Mance The English Pug and the French Poodle Rue St Francois Xavier. Centaur Theatre Company
Rue Saint Francois-Xavier Place Jacques-Cartier. Nelson Column, Montreal City Hall Rue Saint-Paul. Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel, Bonsecours Market Montreal City Hall Place Jacques-Cartier. Jean Drapeu sculpture (1916-1999) Place Jacques-Cartier