Michael's Pictures: Hungary - 05/2019. Budapest. Museum of Fine Arts

2019-05-26 Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of Fine Arts
Gil de Siloe
St. James the Lesser, Apostle and Martyr
Martyrdom of St.James the Lesser
The Three Graces by Leonhard Kern
The Mourning Virgin by Tilman Heysacker
Gil de Siloe. St. Michael the Archangel (1490)
Upper-Rheinish sculptor. St. Michael the Archangel (1470) Martyrdom of St.James the Lesser. Panels from a winged altarpiece, 1480-ies Franconian sculptor. St. Martin (1510)
S.German sculptor. St. Giles (1500)
Damiano Capelli. Rider Pursuing a Boar, Rider Killing a Bull (1650) Georg Schweigger. Neptune on a Dolphin (1660-65)
G.R. Donner. Mercury, Venus, Diana, Meleager (1738/39+)
F.X.Messershmidt. Quiet Peaceful Sleep The Yawner (1771-81) Childish Weeping (1771-83)
Leonhard Kern. Three Graces (1625-50)
Tilman Heysacker. Mourning Virgin (1480-90) St. John the Evangelist (1480-90)