Michael's Pictures: US. MD. Annapolis

2016-09-10 Historical Annapolis - 1

The Shiplap House
Chase–Lloyd House
James Iredell Waddell
Randall House
Home of the Week: Historic Annapolis house is a symphony of color and Victorian details
William Paca House & Garden (1763)
Shiplap House (1715)
James Brice House (1773) Chase-Lloyd House (1774)
Commodore Waddell House (1882) Alexander Randell Duplex (1878)
Zimmerman-Wilson House (1893)

2016-09-10 Historical Annapolis - 2

MD State House
Johann de Kalb
Roger B.Taney
Roger B.Taney (sculpture)
St. Anne's Church
Thurgood Marshall Memorial
Thurgood Marshall
Margareta Colburn House, 1875 Waterwitch Fire Station (Tuscan Revival, 1913-26) Weiss House, 1903 Carriage House, 1845 (Greek Revival) Prince George St. College & North St.
College & North St. T.H. Lowe. House of Delegates Building, 1974 (Neo-Georgian) Antonio Mendez. Thurgood Marshall Memorial, 1996 James Senate Office Building
Duke of Gloucester St. Annapolis City Hall MD State House, 1772 Ephraim Keyser. Baron Johann DeKalb, 1886
William H.Rinehart. Roger Taney statue, 1872 West St at Church Circle. Wise & Donahue Church Circle. West St. Chruch Circle Chruch Circle. St.Anne's Church, 1859 Church Circle. MD Inn, 1770-ies
Chruch Circle. Franklin St. Chruch Circle. Reynolds Tavern, 1747 Chruch Circle. Annapolis Courthouse, 1824 Main St. Annapolis Harbor

2016-09-10 St. John's College

St. John's College
St. John's College. Liberty Bell Replica 1812 War cannon McDowell Hall Campbell Hall (1954)

2016-08-21 US Naval Academy

USNA Bancroft Hall Bell from USS Enterprise 1937 Temple Bell (Okinawa) William Luke. Tecumseh (Tamanend): Figurehead of the USS Delaware
Gen. Lejeune 100 years of the US Navy Submarine Force USNA Chapel