Michael's Pictures: US. NY Museums

2018-08-25 Metropolitan Museum. 18, 20c

Antonio Canova. Cupid and Psyche. 1794 A.Rodin. Pygmalion and Galatea. 1889/1908-1909
A.Rodin. Beside the beach. 1907 A.Rodin. Eternal spring. 1888 / 1907

2018-08-25 Metropolitan Museum. Egypt, Greece, Rome

Goddess Sakhmet. Rule of Amenhotep III, 14 c BC Marble head of Zeus Ammon. 120-160 AD Marble head of Athena. Greek. 200 BC
Bronze statue of Artemis and a deer. Greek or Roman. 1c BC - 1c AD Hermes. Roman. 27 BC - AD 68 Marble statue of Hermes. Roman. 2c AD
Head opf Hermes-Troth. Greek. 2c-1c BC Marble sarcophagus. Dionysos on a panther with his attendants. Roman. AD 220-230
Onyx marble Aphrodite? Greek, 2c-1c BC Marble statue of a youthful Hercules. AD 68-98
Marble statue of bearded Hercules. Roman. AD 68-98 Herakles with Erymanthian Boar. Roman. 27 BC - AD 68 Marble statue of a wounded Amazon. Roman 1-2 AD copy of the Greek original 5c BC Bronze poortrait of Alexander the Great. 150 BC - AD 138
Caligula. AD 37-41 Emperor Hadrian. AD 118-120 Marble head of Epikouros. Roman. 2c AD

2018-08-25 Metropolitan Museum. Greece, Rome misc.

Marble bust of a man. 1c AD Fragment of a marble grave stele of a woman. Greek. 400 - 390 BC Marble portrait of a woman. 3rd quarter of 2c.
Fragment of the coloss marble head of a youth. Hellenistic Greek. 2c BC Stepahanos Youth. Roman. 1c BC - 1c AD
Marble head of a youth. AD 41-54 Marble head of an athlete. AD 138-192
Marble portrait of a man. AD 117-161 Marble statue of a lion. Greek. 400-390 BC