Michael's Pictures: US. DC. Washington

2022-06-19 From National Gallery of Art to E St.

Temperance Fountain
Stephenson Grand Army of the Republic Memorial
Pennsylvania Ave / 7 St. NGA Penn Ave across from NGA The Capital Grille Stephenson Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Temperance Fountain (1884)
7 St / Indiana Ave 6 St / Indiana Ave. Judiciary Plaza Office Bldg 7 St / E St. Michael R. Klein Theatre E st / 6 St

2018-06-23 DC - 06/2018

F / 6th St. Pennsylvania Ave / 12 St. Trump International Hotel

2016-12-14 National Christmas Tree

Chistmas Tree MD state tree Toy railroad
Adoration scene Dancing performance

2013-06-29 DC. 11th, E St.

E Street Cinema
11th, E streets (near Metrocenter) E Street Cinema

2010-02-07 Washington Circle - 2007

George Washington statue
Clark Mils. George Washington statue (1860) Corner to K st.

2008-04-16 DC - 01, 04/2008

Wiki. Madeleine Albright
Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the United States
M. Albright at Georgetown B&N Pope's visit

2007-12-29 Judiciary Square - 12/2007

Near Judiciary Square Metro
Pennsylvania Ave. National Art Galley In the evening

2007-10-18 Dupont Circle - 09, 10/2007

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