Michael's Pictures: US. DC Arts

2022-06-19 National Gallery of Art 1 - 06/2022

Cecilia Beaux
Paul Manship
Randolph Rogers
William Rimmer
Edward McCartan
William Rush
Hiram Powers. America (1850-54) Hiram Powers. Diana (1852-53) Hiram Powers. Proserpine (1844-46) Hiram Powers. The Greek slave (1841-43, 1846)
William Zorach. Puma looking right (1948) High Chest (1750-65) Winthop Channdler. Mrs. Channdler (1780) Cecilia Beaux. Sita and Sarita (1893, 1921)
Paul Manship. Diana and a Hound (1925) Pual Manship. Flight of the Night (1916)
Paul Manship. Briseis (1916) Paul Manship. Actaeon (1924) Paul Manship. Atalanta (1921)
Paul Manship. Dancer and Gazelles (1916-17) Randolph Rogers. Nydia, the Blind Flower Girl of Pompeii (1853–54, 1859)
William Rimmer. Dying Centaur (1869-1967) Edward McCartan. Isoult (1926) Edward McCartan. Nymph and Satyr (1920)
Edward McCartan. Dionysus (1923) William Rus. Carl Linnaeus (1812)

2022-06-19 National Gallery of Art 2 - 06/2022

Aristide Maillol
Antonio Canova
Cherubs Playing with a Lyre, 1672-1673
Edwin Landseer
Pietro Magni (sculptor)
La lettrice
Gaetano Monti
Carlo Pittaluga. Nymph of the woods (1915) Aristide Maillol. Venus (1918-28) Antonio Canova. Naiad (1817-23) Pierre Legros I. Cherubs Playing with a Lyre (1672-73)
Sir Edwin Landseer. Alpine Mastiffs Reanimating a Distressed Traveler (1820) Jacques Bousseau. Soldier Drawing his Bow (1715-mid 19c) A.-L. Barye. Lion Surprisiing an Antelope (1831-55) Pietro Magni. The Reading Girl La Leggitrice (1856-61)
Gaetano Monti. Head of a Bull (1824) Central Italian. The she-wolf suckling Romulus and Remus (15-16c) Workshop of Orazio Pompei. Tall Drug Bottle with the Death of Cleopatra (1540-50)

2022-05-02 Avalon Theatre - 2022

map Chevy Chase Branch Library

2021-12-16 Avalon Theatre - 2021

Connecticut Ave / McKinley St. Avalon Theatre
Chevy Chase Library

2021-05-01 Kennedy Center, GW, 23rd St.

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Washington, DC: Ugliest Public Sculpture in DC
Don Quixote (Kennedy Center sculpture)
Watergate complex
Statue of Benito Juárez
GW. Statue of Alexander Pushkin
GW honors Russian poet with Academic Center statue
Gelman Library
River Horse sculpture
USIP building
PAHO building
JFK Center for the Performing Arts Jurgen Weber. America (1971)
America (1971) Aurelio Teno. Don Quixote (1976)
map Watergate Complex. Benito Juarez of Mexico Statue View of Potomac from Rock Creek Pkwy / F st. Alexander Bourganov. A.S.Pushkin (2000)
map Kogan Plaza. Gelman Library H St / 21 St. GWU hippo
Hippo University Yard. Law School George Washington statue map
Washington Monument, reflecting pool View from 23 St near Lincoln Memorial Circle 23 St. USIP 23 / C. State Department
map PAHO / WHO E / 23. Columbia Plaza

2016-12-15 National Gallery of Art. Sculpture - 2016

The Fountain J.-B. Carpreaux. Neapolitan fisherboy (marble, 1857-61) J.-B. Carpreaux. Girl with a shell (marble, 1863-67)
Robert Le Lorrain. Galatea (marble, 1701) Claude Michel / Clodion. A Vestal (marble, 1770) E.-M. Falconet. Venus of the Doves (marble, 18c) St. George and the Dragon. English, early 15c

2010-10-11 National Gallery of Art. Sculpture - 2010

Venus and Cupid c. 1575/1580 Spanish 16th Century. Kneeling Supplicant Paduan, early 16c. A toad
Lachaise, Gaston. Peacocks, 1922 Actaeon 1924 The Capitoline Wolf Suckling Romulus and Remus late 15th - early 16th century

2007-12-29 National Gallery of Art. Sculpture - 2007 nga.gov

Paul Manship. Diana and a Hound 1925 Dancer and Gazelles 1916
Saint-Gaudens, Augustus. Diana of the Tower conceived 1892/1893, cast 1899 Barrias, Louis-Ernest. Nature Unveiling Herself before Science model 1895/1899, cast c. 1900 Rodin, Auguste. The Kiss (Le Baiser) model 1880-1887, cast c.1898/1902
Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse, possibly with Auguste Rodin. The Abduction of Hippodamia model 1877/1879, cast after 1877 Virture Overcoming Vice Mercie, Marius-Jean-Antonin. Gloria Victis model c.1874, cast after 1879 Meissonier, Jean-Louis-Ernest. Horseman in a Storm model c.1878, cast after 1894 The Capitoline Wolf Suckling Romulus and Remus late 15th - early 16th century A Crow. 16th century
Duck on a Lous Leaf. 17-18c Max Ernst. Capricorn Zorach, William. Puma (looking left) 1948

2007-12-16 Sculptures near the Judiciary Square Metro

Lions near the metro Near the National Art Gallery

2007-08-13 R. Mason. The Illuminated Crowd