Michael's Pictures: US. MD. Silver Spring

2022-10-20 Silver Spring - 03-10/2022

Christine Fernando. Massive apartment explosion in Maryland sends 10 to hospital, leaves several others missing
Friendly Gardens explosion Ellsworth Drive
Fenton St / Wayne Ave. Silver Spring library Lion and mouse Library Wayne Ave / Georgia Ave. Auras Bldg
Blumen Lumen AFI Silver Georgia Ave / Wayne Ave

2021-12-30 DTSS - New Year

Blumen Lumen Kinetic Art Now Operational, Open to Public
Colesville St. / Georgia Ave. Blumen Lumen Ellsworth Dr. Colesville Rd. near AFI

2020-10-13 Silver Spring - 09-10/2020

Wayne Ave. Silver Spring library Fenton St / Wayne Ave Wayne Ave St. Michael's Catholic Church
map map Silver Spring Ice Skating Ellsworth Dr.
map Colesville Rd. AFI
Georgia Ave / Colesville Rd Lyttonsville Rd. Claridge House
map Seminary Rd / Georgia Ave. Snider's Columbia Pike. Burnt Mills plaza. Trader Joe's Cherry Hill Rd / Broadbirch Dr. plaza

2019-09-19 DTSS - 09/2019

Georgia Ave. / Colesville Rd. Discovey bldg Georgia Ave. / Colesville Rd. Twin Towers apts Georgia Ave. / Cameron St. Colesville Rd. AFI Silver The Fillmore
Colesville Rd view near AFI Silver Colesville Rd. across from AFI Silver Colesville Rd. Hampton Inn Silver Spring Fenton St. Ellsworth Place Skating Ring Fenton St. Whole Foods
Wayne Ave. Silver Spring library Wayne Ave. / Fenton St. Ellsworth Dr. / Fenton St. IMAX movies Ellsworth Dr. The fountain Ellsworth Dr. near the fountain

2018-06-23 Silver Spring - 2018

ColeSville St / Georgia Ave Paul S. Sarbanes Transit Center Colesville Rd / 2nd Ave. Metro Rail Silver Spring Metro station

2016-07-16 Silver Spring - 2016

Claridge House - 01/2016 03/2016 SSDT. Ellsworth Dr. Fountain - 07/2016

2011-11-25 DTSS - 08, 09, 11/2011

The Fillmore Christmas Tree / Fountain Borders closing
Borders / Toys Skating ring

2011-07-07 DTSS - 07/2011

Ellsworth DR. Copper Canyon grill Ellsworth Dr. Fountain Ellsworth Dr.
Moby Dick Ellsworth Dr. Regal movie theater
Skating ring Wayne Ave garage Colesville Rd. AFI
Georgia Ave / Colesville Rd From Georgia Ave / Colesville Rd: Silver Spring metro, Metro Center Georgia Ave. Montgomery College

2010-04-04 DTSS - 03-04/2010

Georgia, Colesville Ellsworth Dr Ellsworth Dr. Moby Dick Amnesty Fest, 04/2010 Street preacher
Pier 1 Colesville, Wayne Colesville, E-W Highway 2nd Ave Metro Plaza
SSMC Takoma Metro. New Gables apts
Spring blossom
Me Sasha

2009-12-31 DTSS - 2009, evening

Georgia, Wayne, Colesville Georgia Ave., Discovery
Georgia Ave., Discovery. Dyno AFI silver Ellsworth Dr., Borders, fountain/firtrees
Giant Plaza Giant Plaza parking, snow Snow fall Metro Center. East-West Highway
Metro Center. View from downtown Metro Plaza

2009-04-12 DTSS - 03-04/2009

AFI Ellsworth Dr., Lebanese taverna Ellsworth Dr., spring Church Colesville Rd

2008-01-18 Silver Spring, Takoma Park - 06-08/2008

Fenton ave., Borders Royal Majestic movies/Ben&Jerry's Wayne Ave Takoma Park construction Bird
Flowers Rainbow Squirrel Winter

2007-12-29 Silver Spring - 09-12/2007

SSDT. Georgia Ave / Colesville Rd Borders Moby Dick Happy dogs
Fountain Movie Theater Ben & Jerry's Georgia Ave. Discovery
Georgia Ave. Taste of Jerusalem Squirrel Silver Spring Metro Christmas 2007, evening

2007-08-13 Silver Spring 06-08/2007

SSDT. Georgia Ave / Colesville Rd Ellsworth Dr. Fountain Discovey Red Lobster
Georgia Ave. Do not worry Georgia Ave. Fire station Georgia Ave. Taste of Jerusalem Raccoons