Michael's Pictures: US. MD

2021-05-31 National Harbor - 05/2021

National Harbor
Woodrow Wilson Bridge
The Awakening (sculpture)
Waterfront St / American Way Walrus Restaurant Bond 45 restaurant map
National Plaza. Redstone Grill J.Martinez. Cherry Blossom Swirl Freestyle chair map M&S restaurant The Capital Wheel
map Capital Wheel, Woodrow Wilson Bridge Woodrow Wilson Bridge MGM resort Ivan Schwartz. America's Team
map Albert Paley. The Eagles J. Seward Johnson. The Awakening(1980)
map The Carousel American Way. Thai Pavilion restaurant
map A. Lincoln F. Douglass G. Washington Lincoln, Douglass FDR
map D. Eisenhower W. Churchill Henry Ford
Rosie the Riviter, 1940-ies L. Armstrong Marilyn Monroe V-J Day in Times Square
Kids playground Waterfont St. The Westin hotel Fleet St.