Michael's Pictures: US. MD. Bethesda

2022-06-11 Bethesda

Wisconsin Ave / Bethesda Ave Crescend Plaza Bethesda Row Cinema Anthropologie & Co
Former Amazon Books. Bethesda Ave / Arlington Rd View from Elm St / Arlington Rd Plaza at Hampden Ln Woodmont Ave / Hampden Ln 7200 Wisconsin Ave / Bethesda Ave

2021-07-07 Bethesda

Shops of Wisconsin Wisconsin Ave / Stanford St. St. John's Episcopal Church
map Woodmont Ave / Bethesda Ave Bethesda Ave / Bethesda Ln Bethesda Ave / Arlington Rd. Amazon Books Bethesda Ave / Arlington Rd. Mexican restaurant
map Woodmont Ave / Hampden ln Woodmont Ave / Elm St. Lion's Gate apts, new construction Old Georgetown Rd / Commerce Ln. Bethesda - 150
Closed La Madeleine Wisconsin Ave / Eeast-W. Highway. Bethesda Metro Center Deepwell Dr. near Bradley Blvd. R.L.Wright House

2020-08-16 Bethesda

Wisconsin Ave / Leland St. Moby Dick Wisconsin Ave / Leland St Bethesda Ave. Crescent Plaza condos Woodmont Ave. Silver restaurant Bethesda Row Cinema
Anthropologie, former Barners & Noble Woodmont Ave / Bethesda Ave Woodmont Ave / Bethesda Ave Woodmont eatery
Woodmont Ave from the corner with Montgomery Ln Bethesda Ave / Bethesda Ln Construction at Woodmont / Old Geogetown
Old Georgetown Rd. La Madeleine Wisconsin Ave. Bethesda Metro Center
Across from Bethesda Metro Center Trail Madonna 7200 Wisconsin Ave / Bethesda Ave

2016-07-03 Bethesda

Wisconsin Ave, Trader Joe's Moby Dick Wsconsin Ave near Old Georgetown Rd. Kabob Bazaar Woodmont Ave, Crescent Plaza
Woodmont Ave, Silver Barnes and Noble Woodmont Ave, Old Georgetown Rd

2015-07-19 Bethesda

Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda Theatre NSDAR Memorial to the Pioneer Mothers Madeleine Cafe Woodmont Ave, Lion's Gate Apts

2011-07-17 Bethesda

Landmark Bethesda Deluxe Cafe Regal Cinemas, Wisconsin Ave

2010-11-23 Bethesda

Wiki. Wright House
Woodmont Ave Landmark Bethesda Barnes & Noble in the evening R.L. Wright House

2009-08-08 Bethesda

Aug Aug Bethesda Ave / Bethesda Ln Nov Bethesda Metro

2007-09-01 Bethedsa

Bethesda Landmark Woodmont Ave Woodmont Ave / Elm St