Michael's Pictures: US. NY. Long Island

2022-03-28 Oheka Castle

Oheka Castle
The entrance Oheka Castle
The gardens Inside
View from the window

2022-03-27 Huntington

Heckscher Museum of Art
George Grosz
George Grosz. Eclipse of the Sun, 1926
Evelyn Beatrice Longman
Old First Church (Huntington, New York)
The Heckscher Museum of Art George Grosz. Eclipse of the Sun (1926) E.-B. Longman. Fountain Youth Eternal (1920) Chapin Ranbow Stage
Heckscher Park Huntington Old Christ Church

2022-03-27 Vanderbilt Museum

Vanderbilt Museum
Vanderbilt’s Storied “Alva” Yacht
Eagles at the entrance Planetarium
The Mansion
The Sun Clock
The Alva yacht (built 1930) Habitat / Animal Exhibit
Gray-Breasted Mountain Toucan
Hoopoe, Orange_breasted Fruiteater Osprey Humboldt Penguin Brown Pelican
Painted Crayfish The Hall of Fishes