Michael's Pictures: US. VA - 2017

2017-10-15 Alexandria. G.Washington sites

Wiki. George Washington Masonic National Memorial
Wiki. Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon site. Virtual tour
George Washington Masonic National Memorial George Washington's Mount Vernon
Gardener's house

2017-06-26 Metro Richmond Zoo

Metro Richmond Zoo
Zoo site
Meerkat Binturong Orangutan Chimpanzee
Indian Crested Porcupine Snow Leopard Red River Hog Addax
Addax Galapagos Tortoise Komodo Dragon Madagascar Tree Boa

2017-06-25 Richmond

St. Andrew's Church
Monument Avenue
First Baptist Church
Stonewall Jackson
St. Andrew's Church, 1901 Monument Ave near crossing with Mulberry St. First Baptist Church, 1841 Frederick William Sievers. Stonewall Jackson monument, 1919

2017-06-25 Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
VMFA site
Aristide Maillol
Caligula: Scientific Research of History
Septimius Severus: Art Historical Puzzle and Scientific Research
Pio Fedi
Paul Manship
Flight of Europa
Song of Swan
VMFA Studio School VMFA
Jaume Plensa. Chloe, 2016 Oronzio Maldarelli. Bianca #2, 1951 Aristide Maillol. The River (1943) Aristide Maillol. Nymph, ca 1931
Caligula (ca 38 CE) Septimius Severus, 200 - 17c Pio Fedi. The Sacrifice of Polyxena, ca 1855
J.B.Carpeaux. Neapolitan Fisher Boy, 1873 Paul Manship. Flight of Europa, 1925 Edgar Brandt. Pair of Andirons, 1926 Philippe Wolfers. The Song of the Swan, 1898

2017-06-24 Maymont

Maymont site
James H. Dooley
Stone Barn
Park Drag Landau Roof Seat Break Mansion
Mansion The Three Graces & Reflecting Pool Maids' Room
Servants effort: evening dinner party for 6 guests Kitchen Inside

2017-06-05 Colonial Williamsburg

Governor's Palace
Merchants Square
Kimball Theatre
Public Hospital
College of William & Mary
Behind The Brick Walls: Living The Suite Life At One Tribe Place
Baron Botetourt
Wren Building
The Capitol at Williamsburg
The Governor's Palace
Inside the Governor's Palace
The coal heater Merchants Square
Duke of Gloucester St. The Kimball Theatre Willamsburg Art Gallery
Local souvenirs W&M. Botetourt statue W&M. The Wren Building W&M. Richmond Rd. campus
W&M. One Tribe Place dorm (former hotel) W&M. Lemon Hall The Public Hospital, 1773. Art Museums Grand Piano by John Broadwood & Sons, 1816
Silver teapot. Frederick Marquand, 1820-1830-ies. Chinese porcelain plate. Jingdezhen, 1770-ies Jingdezhen, 1740-ies The Secretary's Office The Capitol
Inside the Capitol