Michael's Pictures: Canada. Quebec City, Niagara Falls - 04/2018

2018-04-13 From Toronto to Niagara Falls

Worlds Smallest Church - Living Water Wayside Chapel
Reif Estate Winery
Adam Beck
Sir Adam Beck Hydroelectric Generating Stations
Niagara Falls
Nikola Tesla
Tesla Statue: Canadian Side
Niagara-on-the-Lake. Prince of Wales Hotel Queen St. Queen St. Memorial Clock Tower Niagara Parkway. The Living Water Wayside Chapel
Niagara river. View from the Chapel Niagara Parkway. Reif Estate Winery Niagara Parks. Floral Clock
Sir Adam Beck Generation Station #2 Niagara Falls - Horseshoe
Hotels, casino Nikola Tesla Statue View from the Tesla statue

2018-04-07 From Montreal to Quebec City

Quebec City
Old Quebec
Chateau Frontenac
Montmorency Falls
Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church
Fresco Wall Art in the Quebec City Borough of La Cite
La Vivriere
Montmorency Falls St. Laurence river
Chateau Frontenac
Rue Sous le Fort Rue Sous le Fort. Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Place Royale. Louis XIV Statue Place Royale
Rue Notre Dame. Soumande House. Quebec City Mural Rue Saint-Paul. La Vivriere fountain
Rue Saint-Paul, opposite to La Vivriere Rue Saint-Paule In the art gallery