Michael's Pictures: Canada. Museums - 04/2018

2018-04-17 Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum
Camel. Late Ming / Qing Dynasty, 17c Monks. 17c Gerhard Schliepstein. Prince and Princess. German Art Deco 1925-1926
Clematis Baccarat. France 1845-1855 Bohemian vase (1850-1860) Vase. Possibly English 1930 Mercedez-Benz coffin (Ghana) Fish coffin (Ghana)

2018-04-14 Art Gallery of Ontario

Art Gallery of Ontario
St. Patrick's Church
The Burghers of Calais
Dundas St opposite AGO Dundas W / McCaul near AGO. St. Patrick's Catholic Church View of Dunbas St from AGO Jacobus Agnesius. St. Sebastian (1630-1640)
A. Raudin. Adam 1889-1929 A. Raudin. Eustache de Saint Pierre 1887-1987

2018-04-02 Montreal Botanical Garden

Montreal Botanical Garden
Marie-Victorin Kirouac
Frere Marie-Victorin Kirouac (1855-1944)

2018-04-02 Montreal Insectarium

Montreal Insectarium

2018-04-01 Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
View of Crescent and Rene-Levesque from MMFA Views from MMFA France, Burgundy. Head of an Apostle (late 12c)
Southern Italy. Eagle (2nd half of 12c) T. Riemenschneider. Saint Sebastian (1510) G.B.Foggini workshop. Bust of Cardinal Leopoldo di Medici (1690)
R.-G. Dardel. Marie-Antoinette with the Attributes of Kindness [Pelican] (1785) P. Julien. The Nymph Amalthaea (1786-87)
J.-L. Gerome. Bonaparte Entering Cairo (1897) A.-D. Chaudet(?). Bust of Napoleon I (early 19c) Vincenzo Vela. The Last Days of Napoleon (1867)
F.L.Chantrey. Allan Macononchie, Lord Meadowbank (1812) J.-J. Feuchere. Raphael (1834) J.-B. Carpeaux. Bacchante with Roses (1869)
Salavatore Adamo. Nymph Resting (1884) F.J.Bosio. The Nymph Salmacis (after 1826)
P.-E.-E. Hebert. Forever! Never! (1860) C.-H.-J. Cordier. Abyssinian Slave Girl (1866)
J.-J.Feuchre. Leda and the Swan (1850) A.E. Carrier-Belleuse. Hebe and the Eagle of Jupiter (1858) A. Raudin. The Sirens (1887-88)
Cesar Isidore Henry Cros. Feliciter or the Scottish Girl (1882) A.-J. Dalou. Peasant Rolling up his Sleeves (1898-99) Constantin Meunier. Toilers of the Sea (1898)
Jef Lambeaux. The Wounded Man (1897-99) A.P. Proctor. Large Stalking Panther (1891-94, 1905)
Boleslas Biegas. Richard Wagner (1904) A.Renoir, R.Guino. Venus Victorious (1914)
A.Maillol. Victory (1921) Ernst Barlach. The Singing Man (1928-1938) J. Lipchitz. The Rape of Europa (1938)
Niki de Saint Phalle Eric Fishl. Tumbling Woman (2002)
Beth Lipman. Tea Table II (2005) Jaume Plensa. Chloe in Barcelona (2014)