Michael's Pictures: US. VA

2021-06-27 Reston. Lake Anne - 06/2021

Lake Anne Village Center Historic District
Robert E. Simon
Lake Anne Plaza R.E.Simon, founder of Reston map Washington Plaza Baptist Church map
map Lake Anne
map map Condos Bridges and ponds
map Herndon Herndon. Symantec Corp

2021-06-20 Great Falls Park - 06/2021

Great Falls Park
The Patowmack Canal
The Patowmack Canal Potomac river
Canal River

2021-06-05 Leesburg - 06/2021

Leesburg, VA
George C. Marshall's Dodona Manor
Morven Park
Loudoun St. near Church St. Loudoun St / King St King St. Market St. Loudoun County Circuit Court
Market St. / Church St. Post Office Market St. G. Marshall Dodona Manor house
map Rose Garden Market Station. Tuscarora Mill restaurant Southern Planter Ln. Morven Park Mansion

2017-08-02 Mclean 2015-2017

Anderson St. / Dolley Madison Blvd. Teqcorner 2015 2016

2016-06-26 Jamestown

Jamestown monuments
Near the site TERCENTENNIAL MONUMENT, 1907 Capt. John Smith. Statue by William Couper, 1909
Jamestown Church, 1639 The Hunt Shrine Pocahontas statue by W.O. Partridge, 1907-1922 The well

2015-11-28 Norfolk. Chrysler Museum. Glass Sculpture

2015-11-28 Norfolk. Chrysler Museum. Sculpture

A.H.Huntington. The Torch Bearers, 1953-57 Bertel Thorvardsen. Ganymede and the Eagle, 1815-17 Posper D'Epinay. Amor Fogiven, 1888
Amor Fogiven Larkin Goldsmith Mead. The battle Story, 1863-65 A.-L.-M.Charpentier. Narcissus, 1896-97
A.Rodin. The Young Convalescent / Farewell, 1906-07 L.-E. Barria. The First Funeral, 1883 (Adam, Eve, Avel) F.-W. MacMonnies. Peace Victorious, 1906-07, 1918
A.-L. Barye. Panther Attacking a Stag, 1876 Gaston Lachaise. Man, 1938 Fulvio Biacchoni. Arlecchina, Arlecchino, 1948 Emile Valle. Vase, 1900

2015-11-28 Norfolk. Nauticus

Near the museum Entrance USS Wisconsin
MK 48 Fire Control Compter Firing controls TCM-2 Radio Transmitter Berths

2015-11-28 Norfolk. Zoo

White-Cheeked Gibbon Aldabra Tortoise Fennec Fox
Hyrax Peacock Bison
Bald Eagle Gray Kangaroo Asiatic Black Bear Southern Cossowary
Southern Cossowary Red Panda Zoo entrance

2010-09-11 Sterling - 09/2010

Kabob cafe
Regal movie theater Regal plaza Borders

2010-08-07 Arlington, VA

06/24/2010 Jaywon Choe. Presidents Obama, Medvedev Go Out for Burgers
Rosslyn Wilson Blvd. Ray's Hell Burger

Ballston - 2009

Ballston, Arlington, Virginia
07/2019 Everything You Need to Know About Ballston’s Huge New Food Hall
Fairfax Dr. - May Ballston Plaza - May Nov
Ballston Plaza - Dec, first snow Ballston Plaza. Christmas Tree Ballston metro